Monday, May 10, 2010

Won't Miss #168 - a lack of seedless grapes

Japan is a country that has growers making square watermelons because the natural shape isn't convenient enough, yet they do not seem to have embraced seedless grapes. I'm not a big baby about preparing fruit when it comes to seed removal and peeling, but grapes with seeds are a huge pain because you're constantly spitting out little nasty seed parts and they're gross if you accidentally bite into one. Also, I like good, firm, not so sweet green grapes, but the only place I can get them are as imports at Costco (which is too far away to frequent). I don't understand why the shops rarely carry seedless grapes, and never carry the green ones when they carry other produce imports from all over the world.

I won't miss having to spit out seeds every time I indulge in expensive Japanese grapes.