Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Won't Miss #534 - melon-flavored stuff

Yes, even melon gum.

Recently, my husband and I visited a local confectionary (See's Candy) because he wanted to buy their strawberry truffles. I love strawberries, but I'm generally not a fan of anything that is not an actual live berry. In fact, I found the truffles pretty vile and he loved them.

For me, this is a common pattern. I love the fruit, but hate things flavored with it. The exceptions to this tend to be orange and cherry. Both work better in sweets for me than things like banana and strawberry. One of the things which I experienced in Japan, but is not common here is the bastardization of melon in this fashion. I like melon, but I hated the vile melon concoctions in Japan. From melon-flavored sodas to pastries with disgusting melong filling to melon ice cream, it all just tasted pretty awful to me. 

I won't miss the melon-flavored options that were so frequently available in Japan.


  1. Agreed! I've never been a fan of fake fruit flavors, but "melon" really takes the cake for me. To me, it just had a really "sickly" sweet flavor and reminded me nothing of those luscious honeydews I loved as a kid.

    1. I found that the honeydew melons in general in Tokyo were really not good. A student gave me one once which she warned me "tasted like a vegetable", and she was right. I remember having really good, sweet cantaloupe and honeydew on occasion when I was growing up and never had anything like that in Japan. Perhaps only the $100-$150 "gift" melons were tasty? They were pretty much out of my price range though. ;-)

  2. Not being a big fan of melons I have never liked melon flavored candy, etc.

    Perhaps the Japanese use this flavor so much because melons are a very expensive delicacy there?!?


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