Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Will Miss #44 - Akiyoshi yakitori-ya

a "tori-ju" and 5 sticks of sasami from Akiyoshi

There's a chain of yakitori restaurants in Japan called Akiyoshi that my husband and I have been fans of since shortly after we arrived here. Their grilling method is just right and they have excellent sauce. In our first few years here, we found it hard to resist going there once a week with coworkers after days that ended at 9:00 pm.

Though we go there relatively rarely these days, we're going to miss Akiyoshi when the option to go occasionally no longer exists.


  1. Where did you live? Akiyoshi really is only in Fukui with one I think in Osaka and a few in Ishikawa.

  2. There is one in tokyo and kyoto


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