Monday, September 21, 2009

Won't Miss #47 - air conditioners set for reptilian biology

Both my husband and I have worked for Japanese companies for quite some time and there is always a big problem because of the air conditioner settings. While the average foreign person prefers it colder than the average Japanese person, even Japanese men find the settings preferred by the office ladies to be too hot. Some of them seem to be cold-blooded creatures based on their need to remain in an environment which is 82 degrees or hotter at any given time.

I won't miss working in rooms hot enough to wear swimwear comfortably year round.

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  1. My wife is the same. It's insane how cold phobic she is in the Summer; yet when the Winter comes she pretty much walks around like it's the frikin' south pole dressed like an eskimo in the house. The solution for Summer time heat is just by one that has more power and get some nice big Sudare for the windowed areas of your apartment.


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