Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Will Miss #211 - Super Heart Chiple

Cherry blossom viewers with a red bag of "Super Heart Chiple" (left) as part of their snack assortment (and, of course, the ever present mayonnaise).

Sometimes there are incredibly enjoyable treats lurking in the kid's snacks and cheap food bins of your local markets and convenience stores. Since they are made by less well-known (at least among foreigners) companies and can be had for less than 30 yen, it's easy to overlook them as substandard fare. Fortunately, I have given such things a try as part of my other blog, and found some really good treats. One of my favorites is "Super Heart Chiple" rice snacks. They are immensely garlicky, come in single portion servings and aren't too caloric.

I'll miss popping down to the local convenience store and buying bags of "Super Heart Chiple" for a mere 25 yen (26 cents).