Thursday, August 12, 2010

Won't Miss #216 - super narrow streets

I don't drive a car, so you'd think that narrow streets wouldn't be a problem for me. You'd be wrong. There are several narrow connecting streets around my apartment. All of them are so small that a small truck can barely pass by them and when there is an electric or telephone pole, they have to slow to a crawl and cautiously creep by these slightly narrower spaces. Of course, trucks that do deliveries, pick up trash, or provide services love nothing more than to park right at the areas with these poles. Much of the time, the space around the truck is so narrow that even a child would be hard-pressed to squeak through and an adult (particularly one with a bicycle) simply cannot get through. I've had to actually walk around my block on occasion because of phone or electrical service people who have camped out with their trucks and left no room to walk around their vehicles.

I won't miss the super narrow streets that are abundant in Tokyo and the problems they cause.