Thursday, August 19, 2010

Won't Miss #220 - paying for holiday ATM access

In the U.S., if you use the ATM of a bank other than your own, you have to pay a fee. This makes a little bit of sense because it's likely that there is some sort of special handling of electronic funds transferring between banks when you use a bank other than the one you keep an account in. In Japan, if you use an ATM of your own bank and it is a holiday or weekend, you have to pay a fee of 100 yen ($1.08). To me, this makes no sense at all because it's not like the machines have extra little men working behind them on weekends and holidays who need to be paid on those days. These fees are merely a way of gouging customers even when there is no extra cost to the bank for holiday access to the machines as compared to weekday access.

I won't miss being charged to use my own bank's ATM's based on the date or time.