Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Won't Miss #10 - contempt for English teachers

If you decide you enjoy teaching in Japan and would like to continue to do such work, the members of the expatriate community will shower you with contempt and prejudice. The members of the Japanese community will underestimate your skill and tell you repeatedly that your job is "easy" because you speak English. The truth is that teaching is tiring work that requires a lot of skill to do well and that it's unfair to paint all teachers as lazy and unskilled monkeys trying to do what comes easiest.

I won't miss the arrogance and/or ignorance behind the contempt for English teachers.

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  1. Fortunately, with the downturn of the industry, quality of the few teachers that still make the cut will be higher. perhaps this will improve attitude. It's just a hangover from the 80's imho. Japanese are finally just starting to figure out that they need to take English conversation seriously if they want to learn to actually speak.


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