Thursday, July 2, 2009

Won't Miss #3 - rude older men

Some older men in Tokyo navigate the crowded city as if everyone except other older men must yield to them in a variety of ways. Some of them walk head-on into packed crowds and expect everyone to get out of their way, sit on trains with legs spread wide open (taking up a disproportionate amount of space), and will bang or bump intentionally and unapologetically into you in shops if you are even partially in their path because they believe they have the right of way at all times.

I won't miss the portion of the population of older men who rudely walk around as if they were entitled to have their way at all times.

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  1. I love it when people start getting on the train/elevator before anyone has had a chance to get off. This happened to me once in an elevator at a Houston museum when I was back for a month to visit my family, and sure enough the pint sized oba-sans started speaking Japanese. I conjecture they were from Tokyo, but who knows.


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