Thursday, July 23, 2009

Won't Miss #15 - oppressive humidity

The humidity in Tokyo lasts for months (usually starting in May and not letting up until some time in August... if you're lucky). It's so thick, you feel like you're pushing through it when you walk. It isn't so much that I haven't experienced humid weather on occasion before, but in Tokyo it is relentless. It's there at night. It's there during the day. It's there every day. It makes modestly warm days feel oppressively stuffy and warm. There is no relief in sight aside from being in the shower (where its wet enough to make you not feel the humidity) or giving in and guiltily using the air conditioner. During the humid months, nothing wants to dry - your bath towel, your dishes, your laundry, etc.

I will not miss feeling like I live deep in a bog for several months of the year.

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