Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Won't Miss #14 - maid fetishists

Women are put into service in cutesy uniforms in order to cater to the fetishes of men who get off on women in subservient roles. They often treat the men like children in order to pamper them and I find that pretty creepy.

I won't miss this sexist and fetishistic display.

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  1. I remember visiting Akihabara a year ago to buy some memory for my computer, and all of a sudden these girls on the second floor of one of these Maid Kissa started calling to me, waving at me and flirting non-stop. I was blushing and felt even more conspicuous than my normal gaijin obviousness manifests. But I have to admit the attention was fun. This is different than it used to be. I think it is a passing stage.


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