Monday, October 11, 2010

Will Miss #242 - Curry House Cocoichibanya

If you think Japanese food is healthy, then you don't know the guilty pleasures of Curry House Cocoichibanya. One of my favorite ways to eat myself into a carb stupor is to get a cheese curry bento with pari pari chicken (grilled crispy skin chicken) and garlic. The basic bentos are so huge though that I can only eat half. That's okay because then I can re-stupify the next day on the leftovers. You can also order "half" sizes, but then you can't relive the pleasure the next day. You can order a basic bento and then pile on any amount of toppings (paying a fee for each) and choose whatever heat level you want. I usually go for "8" out of a top hotness level of "10".  Japanese curry has a unique flavor, and this particular shop's sauce is pork-based and very savory.

It's delicious and far from nutritious, and I'll miss it.