Saturday, September 11, 2010

Posting Frequency Changes

As of the today, this blog will be going from a posting schedule in which at least one post is made everyday to a weekday schedule. New posts will only be made from Monday to Friday. The reasons for this are personal, and not of great interest to my readers but the gist of it is that I've been writing 14 posts (or more) per week on average for several blogs (mainly this one and my Snack Reviews blog) for over a year and I need to devote some of that time to other pursuits. In particular, I need to do more language study and prepare to re-take the GRE (I took it over 20 years ago, and my old scores are no longer valid).

Since readership drops off on weekends anyway, and most people just "catch up" on Mondays, this shouldn't have much of an impact on most readers except they'll have a bit less to read. However, I apologize to anyone who is disappointed about this change. I wish I had more time and energy to keep up the current schedule, but life can get in the way sometimes.

Thanks to everyone who follows this blog. I really appreciate it and it keeps me going!