Sunday, September 5, 2010

Won't Miss #229 - expensive, unpleasant water

Water in Tokyo is pretty expensive. In fact, it's sufficiently expensive that some Japanese people use their old bathwater to do laundry. My water bills recently went up 20% for no reason that I could work out, so I've taken to trying to save water by turning the shower water on and off when I can in order to cut back on water use. Of course, I usually do this in the summer when it's warm anyway for environmental reasons, but it's something I do now in the cooler months as well because I don't want to pay more than I already do for water. It doesn't make for the most comfortable shower when it'd cold given the poor insulation and cold tile in my bath area. It's not like the water is even "good". Sure, it's safe, but it really does stink like Chlorine, especially when it's hot. Nearly everyone has to filter water to make it less unpleasant to drink or simply drink bottled water.

Perhaps I'm spoiled having grown up with free water, and drinking clear, fresh, clean spring water, but I won't miss the expensive, highly chemically-influenced water in Tokyo.