Friday, September 24, 2010

Will Miss #236 - daruma dolls

Daruma dolls show up all over the place in Japan and even in Western countries when they want to show some sort of Japanese decor. In fact, I remember seeing one in the attic apartment set used for the American T.V. comedy "Third Rock From the Sun." Some people may know they are Japanese, but not know what they are used for. I don't like daruma for their design, but rather for the concept behind them. When start a goal, you paint in one eye of the doll, and when you complete the goal, you paint in the other. I like the concrete and stylish nature of how the dolls work. There's something gratifying about seeing someone display a one-eyed doll and knowing they are working toward a goal. I also think it must be a good reminder of what you are working on, and imagine that painting in that eye must be a moment of great satisfaction for those who use the dolls to motivate them in achieving their goals.

I'll miss seeing daruma dolls.