Friday, February 19, 2010

Will Miss #127 - rikshaws

If I'm to believe Seinfeld, some enterprising folks in New York City also have started up a system where they use rikshaw (in Japan, called "jinriksha", "jin" meaning person) to ferry tourists about the city. I can't say if there is any validity to that, but I can say that you can take them in Tokyo as a way to see parts of the city at the speed of human trotting. The men who pull the rikshaw always look happy, act friendly, and have a polished and professional method of handling customers. The pullers never make the person they're hauling feel bad for the burden they're placing on the them. They'll also do their best to tell you about the spots they're showing you. It's a great, albeit expensive, tourist experience.

I'll miss this way of seeing the city, and especially the high level of service you get during the experience.