Thursday, October 1, 2009

Won't Miss #52 - bicycle parking problems

Bike rent-a-cops load illegally parked bicycles onto their truck. They'll be taken to an impound lot and people will have to pay about $30 to get them back.

For a country that is trying hard to reduce emissions, it sure is hostile to bicycle parking and therefore makes using a bike less appealing. When I first arrived in Japan, I could ride and park my bike anywhere. Now, I can't park it anywhere for more than 15 minutes without risk of having it tagged by the cops and then impounded a short while later. While there are a few paid parking spaces (100 yen/a dollar a day), most of them are far from the stations or hot spots or packed to the gills by 8:00 am.

I won't miss having to worry about having my bicycle taken away by the cops any time I use it to go anywhere because of pointless restrictions on when and where you can park.

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