Friday, October 30, 2009

Won't Miss #67 - the nationality guessing game

A lot of foreign folks complain about being asked if they are American, but the truth is that as an actual American, I'm often asked if I'm something else. Most often, I'm asked if I'm British, followed by Canadian, and on one rare occasion, French. Occasionally, I am asked if I'm American, but the number of times is surprisingly low.

I won't miss the way that perfect strangers think they can guess my nationality by my looks or the way they think it's okay to just walk up and ask me if I am from a particular country.

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  1. Today I was getting my haircut and was grilled with all the standard gaijin questions a la "can you eat sushi". Do you like (such and such Japanese thing) one after the other. If you like anything Japanese it's just a GD miracle to some people. Couldn't we talk about your weekend or even complain about the government. Sure would feel a lot more real.


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