Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Won't Miss #77 - ridiculous butter prices

I'm not a big butter eater, but I do like to bake and cook. I particularly like to make things like peanut butter cookies as gifts for friends and students and to cook pork and chicken in a little butter. Starting a few years ago, butter prices, which hovered around 270 yen (about $2.70 USD) for 200 grams (2 sticks/1 cup) leaped up to around 400 yen ($4) for the same quantity. At that time, there was a butter shortage. Since then, the price has hung around 370 yen (about $3.70) even though there has been ample time to recover from the world-wide conglomerates buying up all of the dairy supplies. The Japanese dairy farmers are crying that they are going to start planting rice because they can't make a profit, but the prices are so high that I can't understand how someone isn't making money.

I'm won't miss the super high price of butter and having to substitute canola oil in so many recipes because I'm not wealthy enough to use better tasting butter.

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