Saturday, July 11, 2009

Will Miss #7 - weird vending machines

During my time in Japan, I've seen some pretty strange things sold in vending machines. From warm bread in a can to umbrellas to condoms and sex toys, you run across some very strange things which can be purchased by putting coins or bills in slots. The odd machines are fascinating.

I'll miss the strange things I occasionally find in vending machines.


  1. There is a vending machine for Omamori (charm beads/rosary) in front of the Zenkouji temple in Nagano. Probably tons of others I've forgotten.

  2. I was always loking for strange vending machines like these! But I never really found some.. One time, I Found one with cake and bread in it! xD this one was really cool!

    1. There were machines that sold canned bread both in Akihabara and Kichijoji (in Inokashiar Park). The weird ones aren't common, but they are out there. I think they tend to be in places without convenience stores and kiosks!


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