Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Won't Miss #18 - high price of fresh fruit

Japan is well-known for its monstrously over-priced gift-wrapped fruit, but even pedestrian offerings are pretty expensive. You're getting off about as cheap as possible if you can find 6 bananas for 100 yen in Tokyo. Apples are "cheap" if they can be had for 100 yen apiece. Forget about ever "wasting" your fresh fruit on such luxuries as baking a pie. It's just not worth the cost or sacrifice. Eating healthy really does cost more in Tokyo if you want fresh fruit to be a part of your regular diet.

I'm not going to miss feeling like fruit is a luxury due to its relatively high cost.

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  1. This ranks very high on my list of things that I dislike about Japan. Vegetables are expensive too, but at least I can find a few staples that won't bust the bank. Outside of bananas, as you mentioned, there aren't any other reliably inexpensive fruits.

    Some wild raspberries magically appeared along my daily walking route. They were growing along the sloping hill next to a train tunnel. It was like discovering gold. I snacked on those for weeks before they ran out.

    Now it's back to bananas and concentrated fruit juice :(


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