Sunday, July 19, 2009

Won't Miss #13 - cell phone zombies

I know that people all over the world are in love with their cell phones. However, the way in which people in Tokyo believe that it is okay to stare like hypnotized zombies at their phones' display rather than look where they are going makes it troublesome to innocent bystanders. People ride their bikes and do texting. They stop dead in the middle of streets and cramped stairwells blocking traffic as they gawk and peck. These people are not only an inconvenience others, but also endanger them in such a densely populated and busy city.

I won't miss the people who are so obsessed with their phones that they behave discourteously to everyone around them.


  1. I have bad news for you... this problem has since infected pretty much every American city.

  2. I don't know if you drive, but add to this the morons who think that pulling your car over @ 10 cm and putting on the hazard lights (consequently blocking 80% of the lane)is a safe remedy when you need to catch a call or look at a map or just visit a friend. I can understand if it's a truck delivering something for less than a minute, but everyday people seem to think it's totally okay to do this even when a barren parking lot is in eye shot.


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