Monday, January 18, 2010

Will Miss #110 - my tiny apartment (the good)

(This is an old picture, but I'm too lazy to take a new one.)

I've lived in the same apartment during my entire 20 years in Japan. It's showing its age in the smog-coated walls, crumbling Japanese wall coverings, and aging bathroom tile. I still love it though. I love the way the space is laid out so that it feels bigger than its 250 sq. feet size and how I've gotten it "just so" with the furniture arrangment. I love the fact that the small size means it's more economical for heating and cooling (particularly since the tiny rooms can be closed off with sliding doors for individual air conditioner coverage). I feel good in the space, and I feel good about having such a tiny footprint that I know I'm not hurting the environment for the sake of unnecessary spacious luxury.

I'll miss this space that has been my home for so long, and how it feels like just about the minimum necessary for my husband and I.