Friday, January 22, 2010

Won't Miss #113 - hassling with big trash

Back when I first arrived in Japan, all trash was simply put on the street for pick-up. This had an interesting side effect where many foreign people could find furnishings for their apartment literally sitting by the side of the road. Things changed awhile back and now getting rid of big trash (sodai gomi) is a hassle. You have to call your local government office, get a quote on how much your item will cost to dispose of or if indeed they will cart it away (televisions, air conditioners, etc. won't be taken by them but have to be picked up by the manufacturers of such items) and make an appointment to have a truck come and get the item. You must buy a sticker in the amount you're told (anywhere from about $5-$30) at a convenience store and affix it to the item. Once you do this, people are not allowed to take your old furniture and use it since the sticker makes it the property of the local government.

I won't miss this hassle associated with getting rid of a large item.