Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Won't Miss #103 - nose pickers on trains

Let me make one thing clear. People around the world pick their noses. In America, you see people do it in their cars. Honestly, I can accept that people pick their noses and if you want to sit in your vehicle and get into your nasal cavities up to the second knuckle, it's not my problem. That being said, when people (actually, men) sit on public transport and perform deep excavations, it becomes my problem, and it happens in Tokyo a lot. It's not simply that it's disgusting to watch it happen, but that these people are touching public areas like the seats, handrails, straps, etc. Some of them also leave their "treasure" behind. An acquaintance of mine once told me she was riding a train and saw a booger on a strap which a woman took hold of. The woman unknowingly picked it up on her hand then at one point rubbed her face and transferred it to a spot just above her lip. The poor woman stood there oblivious to the fact that some stranger's snot ball was on her face.

I won't miss this tendency among men in Japan to pick their noses on the trains.