Sunday, January 3, 2010

Won't Miss #102 - angry and rude old people

Something is happening with old people in Japan and it's being reflected in increasing numbers of social problems related to them. They are committing more crimes and becoming more aggressive over incidental things (like improperly sorted trash or unavoidable noise). Over the 20 years I've been in the same neighborhood, I've noticed a marked increase in rude and angry old people. I was attacked (for no discernible reason) a few years back by an old man who tried to shove me off my bike, but it's more than that one disturbing incident. Old people are just plain angrier than they used to be. I suspect this is related to the loss of the extended family, early retirement age relative to longevity (and having nothing better to do than to focus on minutiae), the ballooning number of elderly people and fewer (grand)children being born.

I won't miss the increased frequency with which I encounter angry or ill-mannered old folks in my neighborhood.