Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Will Miss #325 - great feats of strength and endurance

One of the things I often see in Tokyo are relatively slender, average-looking men carting around or hauling enormous loads up (or down) stairs. The amazing thing about it isn't necessarily that they perform back breaking labor without overt concern for damaging themselves and then suing their company for the injury, but that they will haul what must be  hundreds of pounds up a huge flight of steps even when mechanical options are available to ease the load. They do this because of a sense of not wanting to inconvenience people or place them at risk and so as not to risk damage to the equipment. For them, a herniated disc is a small price to pay for doing the job right. Under their unassuming exteriors, they must have muscles of pure titanium.

In Japan, everyday is Festivus, and I'll miss seeing these great feats of strength and determination.