Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Won't Miss #84 - futon

A lot of people swear by the comfort of a futon, but I'm the sort who is more likely to swear at a futon. During my first visit to Japan, I spent a month in my then boyfriend's apartment sleeping on a futon and it was not a pleasure. Sure, I could manage, but I wouldn't call sleeping on a mat full of cotton batting comfortable. They're also a pain in the ass to maintain as they have to be beaten and aired out regularly or they get (more) lumpy and infested with dust mites from the tatami they lie on. The main reason that futon became so popular in Japan was that it was bedding that could be hidden away. These days, the majority of Japanese people who have the space for a bed use beds and not futon. I also bought a bed and am happy to have done so.

I won't miss futons.