Monday, December 28, 2009

Won't Miss #99 - super genki "girls"

There's a special breed of Japanese woman who you will recognize immediately if you come across one. Such women are usually on the young side (20-30) and seem to be overflowing with positive energy. They're happy, and peppy, and bursting with the desire to please. There's a Japanese word, "genki", which covers this, but these girls are like a high octane version of "genki". Such women are fine in small doses, but even other Japanese women conclude that the whole super-duper-radioactively-charged genki women (Genkizillas?) are putting on an act because it makes the men in the office happier with them (not sexually, but as employees). Frankly, I find them exhausting and wish they'd just be themselves.

I won't miss this sort of happiness on steroids character that some women feel obliged put on.