Thursday, December 10, 2009

Won't Miss #90 - Japanese water closet

While I love the fact that our toilet is in a separate room from our bath (and I love the bath, as I said in the previous post), I hate the little water closet that the toilet is in. It's extremely small. In fact, it's smaller than a standard coat closet back home. It's about the width of two toilets and there's no window so it's airless. There is a fan, but it doesn't really help much for airing the room out. Cleaning it, especially behind it, is extremely difficult because it's so cramped. In the summer, it's also stiflingly hot. There's also no sink and you have to wash your hands using the water pipe that fills up the tank. In the winter, the water is freezing cold.

I won't miss this tiny, cramped water closet.