Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Won't Miss #278 - shufflers

One of the things which seems to occur with far greater frequency in Japan than back home is people who walk and shuffle their feet. It's a rare day that goes by that I don't hear someone dragging their feet as they walk around the local shopping areas. I have pondered about why this is so, and have some theories, but will never know for sure. Part of me thinks it has to do with Japan being a nation of people who often wear slippers that don't fit. Shuffling means that your ill-fitting mules don't fly off your feet. Part of me thinks it has to do with living in small places in which long, full strides result in stubbed toes. Shuffling takes the energy of the movement and directs it to the ground instead of sending it forward.

Whatever the cause, hearing people frequently shuffle over long distances drives me crazy and I won't miss it.