Monday, March 21, 2011

Won't Miss #300 - born in a barn

I have no pictures of people being born or barns, so the best I could come up with is this pachinko place with the door hanging open in winter (hence the coats on the players).

There are some curious habits that Japanese service people have which I find troublesome. While it's good that I only need some sort of repair, installation or service in my apartment about once or twice a year, when it does happen, there is a curious sort of apprehension about how to handle the front door. The service people inevitably have to go in and out several times to their vehicle for tools, and they seem reluctant to close the door at all for the duration of the visit. In winter, freezing air streams in and my precious heat streams out. In summer, hot air and hungry mosquitoes float in and expensively generated cold air flows out. As my mother used to say, "close the damn door, were you born in a barn?"

I won't miss this tendency on the part of service people to leave the door open for the entire duration of a service call.