Friday, January 6, 2012

Will Miss #404 - the blue forest

Worldwide, there are a lot of incredible places with illumination. Sometimes they are ostentatious and ridiculous and sometimes beautiful. I'm not a huge fan of the gigantic over-the-top displays and am more of a fan of places which manage to generate a mood. For me, the most magical display in Tokyo is the Blue Forest in front of the Caretta building in Shiodome. During the day, it's a bunch of metal and wires that resemble modern sculpture. At night, it's a magical field with trees. The atmosphere after dark when the lights go on is incredible. The care with which the lights are strung to create a perfect illusion of  hedges of light surrounding trees all made up of electronic glows is something I also associate with Japanese meticulousness. 

I will miss being able to see this magic made by strings of light and electricity.