Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Will Miss #417 - tsukemono

Every time my husband and I go out to eat at a restaurant that serves any sort of Japanese food, I am pleased to receive a little side dish of pickles. When I get curry from Cocoichibanya, one of my great pleasures is taking the compartment full of pickles and mixing them with the spicy pork curry. The odd thing is that I never actually buy them myself despite having ample access to a great variety of such pickles. I think this is because I can't cook Japanese food, but also because I'm not sure that I wouldn't eat the whole container at once and suffer some sort of horrible salt-induced trip to the emergency room. I think it's also the case that these pickles are special because they are something I get in small portions at special meals, though I have to admit that I eat a double serving every time since I eat the ones my husband is given as well as my own.

I'll miss Japanese pickles (tsukemono).