Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Won't Miss #43 - girly mags everywhere (reflection)

I lived in an enormous city in Japan so take this observation with an appropriate quantity of salt, but I have not seen much in the way of porn in my environment since returning to the U.S. Keep in mind that I have walked around San Francisco - even some of the seedier areas - but I haven't perused any red light districts. It does not appear to be common here for men to openly read their girly magazines in public, at least not in my experience.

In Tokyo, I didn't have to go anywhere special to see men looking at naked women. They did it on the train while commuting. Such magazines were sold on the street, in book stores, and in newstands. While I really don't care what men look at to titillate themselves, I think that such behavior (like using the bathroom or having sex) should be private and I should not have been a non-volitional witness to their prurient interests.

I still don't miss seeing men looking at porn and such materials being sold everywhere as I did in Japan.


  1. Yes, this. One more thing as a man myself, I cannot respect most Japanese men as men: along with not giving up seats to the heavily pregnant, less abled, or to small children in the crush of rush hour; habitually talking down to women, no matter that the average Japanese woman is a sight more clever than her male counterpart; lockstep deference to authority, no matter how arbitrary; unreflective or empathetic use of the sex trade; recoil at anything new or foreign, no matter how beneficial in the specific case. Glad to be leaving in the summer.

    1. I bet Korean men are worse. All that you said applies to them.


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