Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Won't Miss #439 - electrical current issues

When my husband and I first came to Japan, my mother insisted on giving us a gift to take with us. It was a talking digital clock. These days, electronic devices seem to be incapable of shutting up, but 23 years ago, that was an unusual gadget. We took it with us and plugged it in. It seemed to still work, but it kept losing vast amounts of time. It seemed that the power differences between Japan and the U.S. were just enough to make it run slow. Throughout our stay in Japan, we had to concern ourselves with the electrical current issues when buying devices from America, and we did buy computers (with English operating systems and keyboards and at cheaper prices) as well as specialty items which were uncommon in Japan (a white noise machine to mask our noisy neighbors).

I won't miss having to worry about the difference in electrical current when buying devices that are cheaper, more suitable, or only available in America.