Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Will Miss #35 - being a "millionaire" (reflection)

My husband's old pay stub. Ah, those were the days... days when we had jobs.

If you think that the way you perceive money and numbers does not matter, start paying very close attention to the way prices are set in your home country. My current rent is $1395. It isn't that way because someone figured that it would just be too high if it were $1400, but rather because that's as close as they could get without having to manage $1 increments. That number was chosen because a rent starting with "13" feels significantly less than one starting with "14", even when there is a negligible different in 1395 and 1400.

There was a positive psychological impact that came along with seeing relatively enormous strings of numbers on our pay information sheets. I miss that, and I miss getting paid for the work I do. ;-)

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