Sunday, June 13, 2010

Won't Miss #185 - noodles, everywhere

Noodles are everywhere in Japan. Every time a restaurant that I like fails in my neighborhood, it is replaced by yet another boring noodle shop (because they're almost sure bets to succeed). Besides the copious numbers of soba and ramen shops, you can buy a plethora of noodle varieties in markets. There are some Japanese men who eat noodles, particularly ramen, every single day and others who would eat it for every meal if their wives would put up with it. Personally, I have never been a great fan of any sort of noodle (including spaghetti, lasagna, or egg noodles). The last thing I need is to be surrounded by even more noodle-based dishes, particularly ones that are often filled with very salty and fatty (though frankly delicious-smelling) broth.

I won't miss the abundance of noodle restaurants and noodle varieties, and how sometimes these limp, wet carbohydrates somehow sneak into dishes when I least expect them.