Saturday, June 19, 2010

Won't Miss #188 - expensive, hard to find tortillas

Ten small (6 in./15 cm.) tortillas for $5.33 (472 yen).

I like to make Mexican or Tex-Mex food, and have actually made my own tortillas on occasion. Unfortunately, it's a labor-intensive, time-consuming process rolling them out and cooking them one at a time. I can spend an hour making them or spend a pretty penny buying them. What is more, I can only get them in the freezer section at one shop (that carries imports) in my neighborhood or at Costco, where I have to buy enough to feed an army. You'd think that the increasing presence of "wrap" sandwiches at convenience stores would mean that Japanese people were eating them more regularly and therefore they might start incorporating them into their own cuisine, but it would appear not.

I won't miss not having access to tortillas and paying a lot for the ones I can find.