Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blogger Weirdnesses

Just a head's up about some Blogger issues that are affecting my posting schedules. I queue my posts to go up for at least a week ahead, but since Blogger changed their interface, the scheduling has become unpredictable. The main problem is that sometimes it schedules on West coast of the United States time and sometimes it schedules on Japan time. It will do this randomly so sometimes posts that are originally scheduled a few days apart will show up on the same day. This is very frustrating as I like to do one post a day from Monday to Friday.

Suffice it to say, five posts a week will be going up and I'm attempting to just accept that sometimes I may actually be posting Sunday to Thursday rather than Monday to Friday by putting posts 24 hours apart no matter what rather than trying to second-guess Bloggers scheduling system and set different posting hours. Hopefully, this sort of swapping between time zones will stop at some point, but for now, I'm just going to try and post at 8:00 am on the dates which appear from Monday to Friday on the little scheduling calendar and let the chips fall where they may.

Thanks for your patience, and for reading!

P.S. This is incidental, and mainly applies to me, but Blogger also changed the rules for what characters are permitted in labeling so I had to change my labels from "won't miss" to "will not miss" because they don't allow apostrophes in the labels anymore. That means that the total number of "won't miss" posts won't add up to 500 when I reach my goal of 1000 (500 good points and 500 bad points essentially), but rather there will have to be two labels totaling up to 500. :-p