Monday, September 5, 2011

Will Miss #360 - "happy basuday to you"

I don't have a picture of someone singing at a birthday party, but this is the tart I had for my 47th birthday this year. It was fatty and delicious, and the picture is the best I can do for something which is birthday-related.

Japanese folks celebrate their birthdays generally with a visit to a restaurant for what they call a "party", but is actually a nice get-together with friends. At such get-togethers, what you usually see is a happy group of Japanese folks in a Japanese restaurant in Japan who will at one point or another sing "happy birthday". Entirely in English. Only in English. The Japanese don't have their own celebratory song and haven't translated the one we all know so well into their own language.

There is something awesome about the fact that an all-Japanese gathering is celebrated with an entirely English song in a country which struggles so long and hard to learn the language and I'll miss that.