Friday, November 11, 2011

Won't Miss #386 - lack of strong flavors

One of my coworkers was a chef in Australia and he remarked that he should appreciate the fact that Japanese food is quite subtle in taste, but the truth is that he actually finds Japanese food rather bland. I'll admit that my foreign taste buds also favor intense flavors. It's not that I can't appreciate some of the subtler flavors, but my favorite things are definitely stronger (yuzu koshoo, Tyrant Habanero snacks and wasabi, for instance). I'm exactly the demographic that things like "flavor-blasted" salted snacks back home are geared toward. While my Japanese friends and acquaintances praise things like konnyaku, plain rice, and tofu, I find them extremely boring. I can eat those things, but I'd rather have them mixed with something more flavorful. 

I won't miss the relative lack of strong flavors in Japan.