Thursday, May 13, 2010

Will Miss #169 - Tyrant Habanero

Snack maker Tohato produces a line of very hot and spicy snacks featuring a mascot who looks like the spawn of an evil jack-o-lantern and a chili pepper. The original Tyrant Habanero (pictured above) product is potato-based salted snack rings with a red powder that gets hotter and hotter as you tunnel to the bottom of the bag. Since then, more tasty, spicy-hot products under the same line have been released. I don't eat these too terribly often because the pleasantness of them going into one end is somewhat undermined by the inevitable unpleasantness involved with the journey out the other end.

Nonetheless, I love this line of burning salted snacks for its serving size, texture, imaginative spin-offs, and the endorphin rush I get when my mouth is on fire, and I'll miss it.