Monday, May 31, 2010

Will Miss #178 - pale is good

I'm fair-skinned, and red-haired. That means that I have three states - white, freckled, and lobster. There is no such thing as brown or tanned skin for the likes of me. Back home, that means my complexion is likened to such lovely things as beached whales, dead bodies, and geeks who live in their parents' basement. In Japan, white skin is seen as more appealing than that which has been nicely sun-toasted. I never received a compliment on my skin back home because Americans believe that tans are healthier and more attractive. I've been complimented by nearly every Japanese woman who has gotten to know me well.

While I believe that all healthy skin of any shade is beautiful, I will miss my tone being perceived as desirable rather than unappealing.