Saturday, March 13, 2010

Will Miss #138 - Choco Cro

Choco Cro is a chain shop which sells baked goods and beverages with the main product being croissants filled with chocolate (hence "choco cro"). I've read that these are the closest one can come in Japan to pain au chocolat from France, and, in fact, that some Europeans consider these Japanese treats to be superior to the ones you can get in their country of origin. The ChocoCro croissants are small, sweet bits of flaky pastry perfection. A fresh one is divine, but they're also fabulous the next day if re-heated in a bit of foil in the toaster oven. One small original bittersweet chocolate croissant is 269 calories, but well worth the caloric expense.

I'll miss partaking of the sublime delight of the occasional "choco cro."