Thursday, March 18, 2010

Won't Miss #141 - Japanese wieners

Back home, I rarely ate sausage or hot dogs. In Japan, sometimes it's a little hard to avoid incidental use of "sausage" or, as they are often called "wieners". They're often used as part of pizzas, gratin, or other dishes. There is a distinct flavor to Japanese wieners (and no double entendre is intended there, my dirtier-minded readers) which I find very off-putting as do some other foreign folks. For my snack blog, I researched the ingredients in wieners and couldn't find anything which would account for this odd flavor, but did find that white beans were part of the ingredients list. While I can stomach them, the inclusion of any type of wiener or wiener-style sausage will often put me off of selecting a particular dish.

I won't miss these strange tasting sausages and wieners.