Friday, April 16, 2010

Won't Miss #156 - Japanese deodorant

Body chemistry does differ based on your biological history, and many Japanese people either do not use deodorant or don't need it. My husband is not Japanese (or of Asian descent) and he also does not need deodorant, so some Europeans also do not require it. Some people are just lucky, but not me...and not some Japanese people who really need it but seem clueless. One of the things I learned quickly is that the market for deodorant is too small for a lot of variety or low prices. You can buy tiny sticks or small cans of spray for high prices. Easily, deodorant in Japan is twice the price for half the quantity that I can buy back home, and it's not always easy to find. I've bought deodorant through import services since coming to Japan to avoid paying $5-$8 for a small amount.

I won't miss having to either fork out a lot of money or special order something as mundane as deodorant.