Thursday, April 15, 2010

Will Miss #155 - Cozy Corner

While many Japanese cakes are pretty and lack taste, I do like Cozy Corner. It's not that all of their sweets are fabulous (though many are excellent), but rather that they offer a lot of variety in one place and many tiny little cakes, pies or puddings (as well as larger ones) that allow you to sample a wide variety of treats without buying or eating too much. Cozy Corner boxes are one of those things that you see at a Japanese office when someone gives a lavish gift and everyone is always happy to see their white and red design. Of course, it also helps that they always have a few varieties of Mont Blanc on offer. I'd encourage anyone who comes to Japan to stop by one of their chains and pick up a selection of interesting little bites.

I'll miss these little stores and the experimentation they encourage you to do.