Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Won't Miss #205 - NTT's badgering

My husband and I have used NTT's (Nippon Telephone and Telegraph - the equivalent of AT&T in the U.S.) services since we initially arrived in Japan. We started paying about $550 for a land line, because NTT had a monopoly and anyone who wanted a line had to put down a huge deposit. We then bought their ISDN service, then ADSL, then upgraded ADSL. As of late, NTT has been badgering us to upgrade to their fiber-optic "hikari fiber" service. Up until the past few years, we had a pretty good relationship with NTT, but they've been in overdrive about their fiber-optic services. People have been coming to our door and bothering us, sometimes several times a week. I have gotten phone calls from people again and again. The worst part is that I've told the callers that they need to send me more detailed information and that I'll seriously consider the upgrade, and then they never send it. And then someone else calls me and we start all over again with a new crop of people badgering me and my asking for information and never getting it. 

I'm sick and tired of NTT's aggressive sales tactics and inability to follow up with information and I won't miss it.