Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Will Miss #372 - shodo

"Shodo" is Japanese calligraphy. I don't practice or study it, but I do enjoy the results of what other people do. What is more, I love seeing people doing it on the street in tourist areas. Western people in general have a fascination with the look and feel of Chinese characters (kanji) and calligraphy extends the interest level a bit further. The style, energy and orientation reflect the artist's taste and character. And though I think it's a little silly to translate Western names into kanji, I do realize and appreciate the fact that artists who do so provide a unique souvenir which is miles better than one of the millions of mass-produced Hello Kitty figures you can pick up in the average shop.

I'll miss shodo, and how it is art which reflects both the artist and a long, rich history of a craft.